iCarly: KCA México 2013 Pre-Nominado

iCarly esta en la lista de pre-nominado en Los Kids’ Choice Awards México 2013! Asegurate de VOTAR si quieres que iCarly pases a la Ronda Final de Votación, otros pre-nominados como Serie Internacional Favorito son

  • Level Up
  • Marvin Marvin
  • Austin y Ally
  • Victorious
  • Buena Suerte Charlie
  • Big Time Rush
  • Stan El Perro Bloggero


Si Quieres apoyar a iCarly en Twitter, utiliza en un Tweet lo Siguiente: “#KCAMÉXICO #iCarly“, y ya habras votado, asegurate de votar muchas Veces!


House of Anubis: The Touchstone of Ra (PHOTOS + VIDEOS)

The Touchstone of Ra coming this June 17 on Teennick, and here is a Gallery from this 90mins Special of House Of Anubis


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Here’s the Promo


"The Touchstone of Ra"


and here’s a Clip

Be sure to catch it on TeenNick.

Nicky Deuce: Coming Soon To Nickelodeon

iCarly iGoodbye Retrospect Interview

HERE’s a Video with some Clips from iCarly with an Interview of the Cast, Miranda, Jennette, Nathan, Jerry with the their Very iCarly Audition & Noah; Also we can see the Behind The Scenes of  iGoodbye with Dan Schneider introducing the Cast for the Very Last Time.

iCarly Last Webshow – iGoodbye

Check out this last Webshow, Carly is going with her Dad to Florence, Italy; and they wanted to tell us: HERE

Probably you need to watch it on vimeo

HERE’s the Flashback of Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer: HERE

Probably you need to watch it on vimeo